【Review】Useful, Hi-quality, Beautiful CHUWI's new 2-in-1 tablet, HiBook

Dear CHUWI and visitors,
I'm very proud to review this hi-quality tablet CHUWI HiBook fastest in the world.(The original article was written in Japanese and published at 13th April, it was fastest in the world.) Now I translate my original reviws to English and give you how wonderful tablet it is.
You can read original articles links following (written in Japanese):

I add that to translate my original reviws, I re-constructed my original ones and changed some points.

Pros:Very useful but beautiful design with high performance.
2-in-1 style can change our old style of laptop.

Cons:Battery consumption is speedy and its charging is very slowly.
Touchpad is so small that I can mis-touch it.

Buy CHUWI HiBook only 179.9USD here

【NEWS】I got news about HiBook Pro!
【Official News】CHUWI'll release new High-end 2-in-1 tablet HiBook Pro with 2K display

CHUWI HiBookについてのレビューは
USB TypeC搭載の最強2in1タブレットCHUWI Hi Bookポチりました
国内最速!USB Type-C搭載の2-in1!CHUWI Hi Book開封の儀!
世界最速!USB Type-C搭載の2-in-1タブレットCHUWI Hi Bookレビュー!

中華着脱式2-In-1タブレット、CHUWI HiBookを一週間使ってみてわかったこと

Introduction:About CHUWI and HiBook

You may know Chinese tablet bland CHUWI, provider of hi-end hi-quality tablets in cheep price. In 2015, CHUWI released CHUWI Hi8 and surprised world consumer including Japanese ones.(I already reviewed one, check here)
In 2016, CHUWI released their new 2-in-1 tablet HiBook and I bought it 29th March at QH-Store in AliExpress.

CHUWI HiBook is perfect 2-in-1 tablet with Windows 10 and Android 5.1, buid-in 4GB RAM, Intel Atom X5-Z8300 processor.You can use not only as Tablet but also powerful note-PC, and take it everywhere you went thanks to its light and thin body.I always go out with HiBook, actually I'm writing this article in train with one.

Specs:Thanks to Powerful procesor it has deep potential

HiBook has Intel Atom X5-Z8300 processor and 4GB RAM, dual-OS system, USB Type-C, FullHD 10.1 inch hi-quality touchpanel etc...These can help your working everywhere and provide comfortable time.
I installed MS Office 365 Pro, software including this package such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint worked very smoothly without any stress.New Windows10 applications support your working in every points.I could retouch my pictures with HiBook and write my Univercity reports with this.

As for Android5.1, you can enjoy every games and applications.Browsing Internet, check YouTube, read RSS feeds....10.1inch wide and big display gave me great expericese to me.You can share date between Android to Windows using microSD, so you can continue everythings smoothly Android to Windows.

In my situation AnTuTu score shows 53,141 point althoght my Onda V919 Air was 45,678 and CHUWI Hi8 was 51,052.
Comparing to my Onda V919 Air score, in 3D and UX, HiBook shows very opportunity but in RAM and ROM HiBook lose from V919.
I have to say my experience of HiBook was very well from V919 and other Tablet.

Thanks to large capacity 4GB RAM, you can read very huge magazines smoothly.I read several magazines such as "Digital Camera Magazine", I could read without any stress it was perfect.If opened many tabs in Chrome, it was no problem.

Design:Beautiful metallic body

Comparing to other cheep Chinese Tablets, HiBook metallic body is more beautifully.At its bezzel, decoration gives us satisfaction.
Its silver color body is very simple, but it is best I thought.

For display, its 1920*1200 IPS display can show details deeply.As for Windows, it is normal beautiful display, but for Android, it becomes beautifu display.

Battery:Battery consumption is very speedy, but charging is slowly than consumption

I have to point that HiBook battery consumption is very speedy, so it is difficult to use more than 5hours.When I use Windows it become huge problem I thought.
And I used USB Type-C charging with Type-C adaptor, charging speed was just less than 1000mAh.When I use display, it amounts just 400mAh.I cannnot charge while using this.

Keyboards:Typing is well, but touchpad occured mis-touch many times

As for typing, HiBook's keyboards is very well.I can write everything including this article with one.
But touchpad is very small and very sensitive, so I mis-touch it many times and happend mis-gestures to hide all windows.

Overall:HiBook can change our style of tablets and mobile computer

I wrote many things in this article.But I have to say, I use HiBook everyday, everywhere.Before I buy HiBook I always take Thinkpad as a mobile computer.It was very huge and heavy but HiBook changed this.
I'm very happy to get comfortable style with only 224USD.Thank you HiBook and thank you CHUWI.

You can buy CHUWI HiBook and many other powerful tablets from GearBest and other WEB site following.
I hope you can get good style with HiBook.

Buy CHUWI HiBook only 179.9USD here

【Official News】CHUWI'll release new High-end 2-in-1 tablet HiBook Pro with 2K display

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CHUWI HiBook 2 in 1 Ultrabook Tablet PC - $204.38

Retail Price: $282.13
You Save: $77.75
from: GearBest

AliExpress.com Product - Chuwi Hi Book Dual OS Tablet PC Intel Atom X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit Windows10 4G+ 64G 10.1 Inch 1920x1200 IPS Type-C 3.0

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